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Welcome to Achieve Ed U

Empowering Leaders &  Educators Through Transformational Coaching


Elevating Educators for Lasting Impact

At Achieve Ed U, we're your partners in unlocking your potential and transforming your teaching journey. Led by Dr. Ryan DeRousselle, a dedicated teacher development coach, trainer, and researcher, our mission is to empower educators like you through transformative growth and strategic development

Dr. Ryan DeRousselle

Meet Dr. Ryan DeRousselle Dr. Ryan DeRousselle is more than a teacher development coach – he's a beacon of inspiration in the education community. With a wealth of experience and an unyielding passion for the art of teaching, Dr. Ryan is committed to being your guide and confidante on your journey to becoming the best educator you can be.​Dr. Ryan DeRousselle has committed more than 10 years to public education in New Orleans as a teacher and school administrator. Dr. DeRousselle’s professional tenure includes experiences as an Executive Director of School Quality at Lake Forest Charter School, a national Blue Ribbon school, a Director of Student Support Services at Community Academies of New Orleans, with Special Education Leadership positions at McDonogh 35, Morris Jeff Community School, and Jefferson Parish Public Schools. 

Coaching & Trainings

Achieve Ed U
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1-on-1 Coaching

Leadership Development Cohort

Achieve Ed U

Who is Leadership and Teacher Development for?

  • Instructional coaches, school principals, or administrators who values teacher development and coaching and may not know where to start or how to move from good to great.

  • Anyone noticing that coaching and lesson planning are inconsistent or trying to further develop their instructional coaches and aren’t quite seeing the results they’d wish.

  • Anyone wishing to improve their leadership coaching and/or the leadership skills of their school administrative team and are comfortable giving feedback, and are also coachable.

  • Anyone that has a student first mentality, likes to have fun in their job, as children and education bring them joy.

  • Anyone that wants to arm their staff with the right professional development to enter the classroom and feel successful.


Why Achieve Ed U?

At Achieve Ed U, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of educational institutions through our comprehensive leadership and teacher development programs. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, fostering a new generation of leaders equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education.

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